Located at the metropolitan region south of Brisbane, Gold Coast is one of the famous places known for its long beach and beautiful weather. I was in complete awe of the beauty of this place at the east coast of Australia. It gave a wonderful mix of city and nature which I truly adore.

We traveled from Sydney to Gold Coast through a plane ride which was just over an hour. It would have took us a 10 to 11 hour ride by car so taking the plane was definitely a must! Plus, who would not want to see a spectacular view from above? Not to mention, the plane ticket was even cheap considered we only bought it days before! 


I have been MIA since forever! It has been a long time since my last blog post. I don't know but I have drawn my energy into other things in my life and left my blog behind. Okay, I'm going to stop making excuses now. Lo and behold, this is a new travel log for all of you (with a short kinda crappy video too.)

I'm currently at Sydney, Australia for over almost a month already and we have visited a lot of tourist spots, most for the second time. However, I only decided to share this tourist spot with you because it was my first time and this place felt like it is a one of a kind spot that deserves a blog post.


There are times that my skin is not my best friend. I was born with dry skin. And to keep my skin looking moisturized and fair, I have to put lotion everyday, try out different products to see if they work, and more! It irks me how much effort I put into making my skin look quite pleasant everyday.
Of course as a teenager, it is a desire for me to achieve a fairer and brighter skin. It boosts my self-esteem whenever I see my arms and legs lookin’ pretty good. I’ve tried several products of body washes, soaps, lotions and more but nothing ever seemed to work for my situation. Most of them usually would end up having a “tight” feeling after use, would leave a bad smell, would leave my skin very itchy or would not even moisturize or brighten my skin after weeks of use - which is a no-no for me, and I believe also for you!

It was heaven sent to find out about the World’s #1 Facial Skin Care Brand in the World, Olay. Recently, Olay introduced Olay Natural White with Vitamin C and Olay Natural White Papaya Bar so women can achieve all-in-one healthy fairness all over. I tried it for almost a month now, all I can say is that it truly lives up to its name! It leaves my skin moisturized, and brighter than the past shade of my skin. And you know what is the best part? My skin actually looks hella good even without applying lotion. Not only that, but it also smells wonderful and has Vitamin C! Gahhh two thumbs up for Olay!

A quick overview of Olay’s products:

Olay Natural White with Vitamin C helps women achieve all-in-one fairness (smooth, even skin tone, naturally fair). While the Olay Natural White Papaya Bar has papaya extracts and Olay Natural White moisturizers so women can achieve all-in-one fairness!

So if you want to achieve all-in-one fairness, just follow these 4 simple steps!

  1. Identify specific areas that require extra attention – areas that are rougher, a bit darker in skin tone, or are subjected to friction from clothes or other fabric – elbows, knees, ankles, or the hands.
  2. Use Olay Natural White soap in the shower twice a day – in the morning and in the evening before you sleep.
  3. While in shower, lather liberally especially on your concerned areas. Use a puff for a more indulgent feel.
  4. Treat your skin with care. Pat your skin dry with a clean towel after shower. Make sure you don’t scrub your skin to avoid friction which causes skin irritation.
Of course, getting healthy fair skin is not complete without a lifestyle change! So you can be your B.E.S.T!

B - BE PROTECTED. Stay indoors and protected from the sun from 10am-3pm. The sun is one of the major causes of skin ageing and melanin production which causes skin complexion to get dark.

E - EAT HEALTHY. Eat lots of citrus fruits and green and leafy vegetables. These have anti-oxidants that keep your skin healthy.

S - STAY HYDRATED. Make sure to take 8-10 glasses of water and if you are active, take more.

T - TURN BACK FROM STRESS. As I’ve looked up over the web, it says that uncontrolled stress can make your skin trigger skin problems. It also said managing stress could give your skin look healthier! The results might be more dramatic than you expect.

With only the short term of time that I’ve been using these products and have seen amazing results, I would recommend these to everybody experiencing the same dilemma as me! I would totally put Olay’s body bars in the things that I “need” to have everyday! Yes, NEED.

I also want YOU to try it and see the results! Share your thoughts to others and me using #BestBeautiful! For the latest on Olay, check out Olay’s official website www.olay.com.ph

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Til' next time!